Nosaj thing playing in Glasgow this week

Nosaj thing playing in Glasgow this week

Nosaj thing playing in Glasgow this week

Friska Viljor


Friska ViljorSE


After a 17-year spanning carreer and eight albums under their belt the Stockholm based Indie-Pop duo Friska Viljor aka lifelong friends Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson keep writing and releasing music to this day.
Well known and loved for their euphoric but also bittersweet liveshow the band has a reputation as an excellent live act which has played over 500 live shows all over mainland Europe plus UK and the USA.
Their international career took off after a busking trip to Hamburg in Germany where they became friends with some locals which led to some first small gigs in record stores, bars and living rooms and ended up with a record deal with a german label. From there they took hearts by storm and their extraordinairy loyal fanbase grew constantly with every album and tour.
Shows at several european major festivals helped to spread the word and made them one of the most favored festival acts in the last years.

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Live performances

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