Nosaj thing playing in Glasgow this week

Nosaj thing playing in Glasgow this week

Nosaj thing playing in Glasgow this week

Mount Liberation Unlimited


Mount Liberation UnlimitedSE


Mount Liberation Unlimited are two Swedes from space who’ve spent the last 7 years carving out a particularly vivid niche within electronic music. Through a life long friendship grounded in musical exploration since their teenage years the Stockholm-pair have since their first release in 2014 found comfort in their very own organic take on dance music. Their work has seen them connect with an impressive list of global dance powerhouses: New York’s Beats in Space, Melbourne’s Superconscious and Munich’s Permanent Vacation have all released 12” heat from the duo, while their hometown buddies at Studio Barnhus provided an outlet for their widely acclaimed single “Double Dance Lover” as well as their self-titled debut album in 2019. A record that brought MLU up from the underground and made them surface further, showing the world that their music could communicate with a much wider audience. With their latest album “Welcome to the Jungle” MLU keeps exploring the converging point where the mind meets the dancefloor as they simultaneously move closer to a more mature sonic landscape reminiscent of ’60s psychedelia and hypnotic electronics .

The band’s live shows are fervent, fast-paced and very multi-instrumental affairs, performed non-stop at an increasingly prestigious list of clubs and festivals around the universe. With each unique session serving as a real-life example of the MLU boys’ mutual obsession: that sweet-spot interaction of human rhythm and electronic pulse.

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